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A gorgeous selection of Electric and Tealight powered Burners to accentuate your home.

Multiple colours/styles available and more are added all of the time. 

How to Use

Tealight Burners - place desired wax melt amount in the top of the burner. Light a Tealight and place this underneath in the space provided. Please refrain from using anything other than unscented 4 hour Tea Lights to get the most out of your melts. Do not burn for longer than 4 hours at a time and never leave unattended.
Electric Burners - all Electric Burners differ. Some use bulbs to heat the wax and others simply use Mains Powered heaters. Bulbs will be available to purchase for those that use them. Simply place your wax in the top of the burner and switch on your burner according to manufacturers guidelines. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time and never leave unattended.

Keep away from Children, Pets & Drafts. Avoid placing near anything flammable. Do not leave unattended.

Polite Notice: Burners/Accessories are purchased direct from the supplier. I order these once your order has been placed and they are delivered to me the next day.

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